About the boxes

  Alderwood   Boxes stacked   3D detail
The keepsake boxes are all made from solid wood. We use New Zealand pine and European alder and birch which are all light in weight but robust.

The different types of wood are only sourced from countries where there are strict regulations regarding sustainability.
The ever expanding range includes many different sizes of keepsake boxes - anything from a small trinket box, jewellery box or money box, to an extra large keepsake box with three compartments.
Nordic simplicity and the vibrant colours blending in with the natural materials used is very much the trade mark of Freya Design. Wood, textile and other natural materials are used to achieve the unusual 3D designs that are the trademark of Freya Design. The materials are carefully sourced from around the world and the environment is always the main consideration when making decisions.

All products are painted with non-toxic paints and we have decided to leave the inside of the boxes unpainted in order to retain the natural smell of wood.

       'bizziebaby' has carried out three independent product tests/reviews awarding
       Freya Design top marks - 5/5 - and the silver award 2009/2010.

       'family fun guide' has reviewed the Freya Design keepsake boxes.