About us

    Marie Simplicity, function and style

Freya Design products are designed to be not only functional but beautiful and stylish as well.

Scandinavia has a long tradition of making wooden furniture and interior design, so it is no coincidence that the founder of Freya Design, Marie Ekerholm, is Swedish.

Nordic simplicity and vibrant colours that blend in with the natural materials used is very much at the core of the Freya Design product range.

A box for life

By using high quality solid wood, which is a renewable resource unlike metal, our boxes should last for a very long time rather than deteriorating like a cardboard box. And of course the wood is sourced from countries where there are strict regulations regarding sustainability.

The environment is central to the Philosophy of Freya Design and is always the main consideration when making decisions.

For example, a wooden box has the most energy efficient production process when compared to other materials like cardboard, tin or plastic. The method of transport used is boat, which is the least harmful to the environment when compared to road or air. The packaging used is minimized and recyclable.

Centre of excellence for wooden boxes

Sensing and understanding customer needs is the company’s leading principle. In addition to the standard range of keepsake boxes, Freya Design works in close cooperation with its customers, both private and retail, to realize comprehensive, tailor made design and artwork.

We aim to provide knowledge and expertise for any shape or size of box and for any purpose, whether it is tailor made for a special occasion such as a wedding, promotion boxes for business or luxury packaging.

Freya Design, which started trading in 2004, is represented in independent retail stores across the UK and in Europe - see retail outlets.