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  Wooden sewing box in sewing world, January 2012
  sewing world, cover sewing world  
  Cover, January 2012 Wooden sewing boxes  
  Treasure chests in The Daily Telegraph, 3 December 2011
  The Daily Telegraph, cover The Daily Telegraph, p15  
  Cover, 3 December 2011 CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE, p15  
  Pram design memory boxes in practical parenting and pregnancy, October 2011
  practical parenting and pregnancy Oct 2011 magazine cover Beautiful boxes, pram design memory box, p70  
  Cover, October 2011 'Beautiful boxes', p70  
  'It's the little things that matter . . . .' by Kate Youde in THE INDEPENDENT, 28 August 2011
  It's the little things that matter - THE INDEPENDENT    
  'Life-style' section online    
  'Jungle' keepsake box and Pink Fairy money box in angels & urchins, WINTER 09
  angels & urchins magazine cover INTERIOR gifts, p73 POCKET MONEY, p127
  Cover, WINTER 09 INTERIOR gifts, p73 POCKET MONEY, p127
  Baby boxes in NUSERY INDUSTRY, October 2009
  Nursery Industry magazine cover Ni Newborn Baby Gifts, p24  
  Cover, October 2009 Ni Newborn baby gifts, p24  
  Trinket boxes in Baby & pregnancy, October 2009
  Baby & pregnancy magazine cover 3 of the best Girly Gifts - Freya Design trinket boxes, p21  
  Cover, October 2009 3 of the best girly gifts - Trinket boxes, p21  
  'Pick of the crop' of new products at the Autumn Fair International in giftfocus MAGAZINE, September/October 2009
  giftfocus 2009 magazine cover pick of the crop, p29 FREYA DESIGN, p39
  Cover, September/October 2009 'Pick of the crop' feature, p29 'FREYA DESIGN' Stand 3-T09, p39
  Keepsake boxes in I'm pregnant!, Jul/Aug/Sept 2009
  I'm pregnant! magazine cover Giveaways - Freya Design keepsake boxes, p131  
  Cover, Jul/Aug/Sept 2009 Keepsake boxes, p131  
  Ark box in nursery today, July/August 2009
  nursery today magazine cover Focus on Gifts - Ark box, p54  
  Cover, July/August 2009 'Focus on gifts' feature, p54  
  Photo box in Pregnancy & birth, August 2009
  Pregnancy & birth magazine cover Gorgeous accessories - photo box, p75  
  Cover, August 2009 'Ideas TO STEAL' feature, p75  
  'Jungle' keepsake box in Pregnancy & birth, July 2009
  Pregnancy & birth magazine cover Animal-themed nursey - jungle keepsake box, p77  
  Cover, July 2009 'Animal-themed nursery' feature, p77  
  'Boat' keepsake box in Pregnancy & birth, June 2009
  Pregnancy & birth magazine cover Gorgeous nautical nurseries - boat keepsake box, p85  
  Cover, June 2009 'Gorgeous nursery' feature, p85  
  A beautiful box in guardian weekend, 25 April 2009
  guardian weekend, cover guardian weekend, p61  
  Cover, 25 April 2009 Kid's stuff - FIVE OF THE BEST, p61  
  'Boxed In' feature about Freya Design in Crafts Beautiful, February 2009
  Crafts Beautiful, cover Crafts Beautiful, p23  
  Cover, February 2009 'Boxed In', p23  
  'Make a wish' Money Box in THE INDEPENDENT, 1 September 2008
  Cover, 1 September 2008 'The ten best money boxes' feature, p24  
  Trinket boxes in I'm pregnant!, Jul/Aug/Sept 2008
  I'm pregnant! magazine cover Cherished memories - Freya Design trinket boxes, p287  
  Cover, Jul/Aug/Sept 2008 Wooden trinket boxes, p287  
  Freya Design boxes in CROSS STITCH, July 2008
  CROSS STITCH Magazine cover Cream wooden box, p6 Get great boxes from . . ., p8
  Cover, July 2008 Cream wooden box, p6 Get great boxes from . . ., p8
  Design ideas for memory boxes in Junior, April 2008
  Junior Magazine cover Iconic items to create perfect mementoes of childhood Memory box design ideas
  Cover, April 2008 'The little box of childhood' feature, p30 Resources panel: Freya Design, p31
  Best of Year 2006 in Department Store BUYER, December 2006 / January 2007
  Department Store BUYER cover Best of Year 2006, p16  
  Cover, Dec 2006 / Jan 2007 'Best of year 2006', p16  
  Thumbelina keepsake box in marie claire 'lifestyle - 101 ideas', June 2006
  Marie Claire cover Thumbelina box (in room setting) Thumbelina box (close up)
  Cover, June 2006 Thumbelina keepsake box (pic. 4), p265 Thumbelina keepsake box (pic. 3), p266
  Freya Design keepsake boxes in childrenswear buyer 'Perfect presents' feature, September 2005
  cwb magazine cover cwb magazine contents cwb product feature, p13
  Cover, September 2005 Contents (+ picture) 'Little blessings', p13
  'Up & coming' feature about Freya Design in giftfocus MAGAZINE, July/August 2005
  giftfocus magazine cover giftfocus magazine contents giftfocus magazine feature, p98
  Cover, July/August 2005 Contents 'Up & coming' feature, p98
  Freya Design personalised, tailor made wedding keepsake box in Your KENT WEDDING, July/August 2005
  Your Kent Wedding magazine cover Winning ways, p42  
  Cover, July/August 2005 'Winning ways', p41